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How to top up your phone on any network

If you have a Pay As You Go plan then you’ll need to keep your phone topped up in order to keep using it,

and exactly how you do that varies from network to network.

The good news is that in most cases it’s simple and some networks offer numerous methods.

For an in-depth run down of all of them, read on.

But first, for a brief overview of the different top-up methods, along with an explanation of one of the simplest on

each network, check out the chart below.


Top up methods

Simple method


Online, text, automatic, phone, E-voucher, E top-up card

Call 150, select ‘Top Up’ and follow instructions


Online, automatic, phone, voucher, E top-up card

Call 4444 and follow the instructions


App, online, phone, voucher

Open the Three app, head to Allowance > top-up


App, online, text, automatic, phone, voucher, in-store

Download the My Vodafone app and top-up with a tap

iD Mobile

App, online

Tap ‘top-up now’ from your online dashboard


Online, automatic, phone, voucher

Head to your Giffgaff account online


Automatic, online, phone, voucher

Call 373 or 322 from your Lycamobile

Tesco Mobile

App, online, automatic, phone, in-store, E top-up card

Use the Tesco Mobile app

Lebara Mobile

App, online, in-store, voucher

Top up online through MyLebara

Asda Mobile

Phone, text, voucher, E top-up card

Call 2732 from your Asda number

Virgin Mobile

Online, phone, text, voucher, E top-up card

Call 789 from your Virgin number

Note that the ‘simple method’ highlighted in this table isn’t always the only simple way to top up,

it’s just one that we’ve highlighted.

If you want to dig into all of your top up options you’ll find them under your network’s heading below.

Table of Contents

·       EE

·       O2

·       Three

·       Vodafone

·       iD Mobile

·       GiffGaff

·       Lycamobile

·       Tesco Mobile

·       Lebara Mobile

·       Asda Mobile

·       Virgin Mobile


EE offers a number of ways to top up your phone, with the simplest being to buy a Pay As You Go pack

and setting it to renew automatically, so you’ll never have to manually top up again.

However, you can also top up by logging into your My EE account and navigating to Menu > Top up, or by

texting 150 from your EE phone with the letters ‘CR’ followed by the last four digits of your registered credit

or debit card and the amount you want to top up, with a space between each set of digits.

For example, to top up by £20 with a card ending 9876, you’d text ‘CR 9876 20’.

And you can call to top up. Just dial 150 from your EE phone, choose the ‘Top Up’ option and follow the instructions.

You can also purchase an E-voucher from an EE store and numerous other shops and use this to top up.